New books at the Asian Library (April 2023)


B5234 C4635 J5 2022
旧邦新命与中国哲学 : 陈来学术研究文集 / 杨立华, 赵金刚主编 / 北京 : 社会科学文献出版社
CB13 H356 2021
海上丝路世界百年 : 稀见历史影像修复与考订 / 徐宗懋图文馆著 / 北京 : 商務印書館
DS777.488 X56 X562 2022
熊式輝日記, 1930-1939 / 熊式輝著 ; 林美莉校註 / 臺北市 : 中央研究院近代史研究所
DS799.625 X827 2…

Asian Library Research Lens – Call for Proposals

UBC Asian Library calls for lightning talk proposals from UBC scholars, students, staff, and community members. UBC Asian Library supports scholars, students, staff, and community members conducting research on, or learning about Asia and Asian heritage. Our resources include not only academic books and databases but also films, music, newspapers, magazines, children’s literature, etc. In […]

Asian Library book display: Sikh Heritage Month and Vaisakhi

April is observed as Sikh Heritage Month to celebrate Sikh culture, art and history and to appreciate the contributions that the Sikh community has made in Canada. The month of April carries great significance for Sikhs as it was in this month that the Khalsa order was established by Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth and […]

New books at the Asian Library (March 2023)

South Asian

B127 C65 C54 2022
조선 경학 의 문화 다원론적 이념 과 실천 / 한림 대학교 태동 고전 연구소 편 ; 집필진 엄 연석 / 경기도 고양시 : 동 과 서
DS915.5 R5 O33 2022
校勘 影印 獄中 雜記 / 우남 이 승만 전집 발간 위원회, 연세 대학교 이 승만 연구원 편 ; 柳 永益, 李 明來, 崔 然植 校勘·編次 / 서울 특별시 : 연세 대학교 대학 출판 …

Nowruz: A Celebration of Renewal, Unity, and Tradition

Introduction Nowruz, also known as Persian New Year or Iranian New Year, is an ancient festival that has evolved and adapted over the centuries. Celebrated by millions of people worldwide, this unique event marks the beginning of the solar year and the arrival of spring. As a rich cultural experience, Nowruz transcends borders, embodying the […]

Kids Take Over UBC at Asian Library

Almost 300 kids and their family members took over Asian Library on Sunday, February 19, as part of Kids Take Over UBC, creating crafts using discarded book covers and other recycled materials, learning origami, enjoying the pop-up library featuring books from X̱wi7x̱wa Library and Education Library, and listening to storytimes in Korean, Japanese and Mandarin. […]

New books at the Asian Library (February 2023)

South Asian

BQ4890 V573 J35 2022
毘沙門信仰のすすめ / 信貴山大本山千手院 / 東京 : 国書刊行会
CT3730 N555 2022
日本の女性たち : パイオニア 900人の伝記・評伝 / 日外アソシエーツ / 東京 : 日外アソシエーツ
DS864 H393 2022
首都京都と室町幕府 / 早島大祐, 吉田賢司, 大田壮一郎, 松永和浩 / 東京 : 吉川弘文館
DS881.5 S34 S37 2022…

Exhibition: Leslie Cheung 張國榮 – Hong Kong Icon (1956-2003)

Date: February 15 to April 6, 2023 Hours: Asian Library open hours Location: Asian Centre foyer & Asian Library ground and upper floors (1871 West Mall) (map) Co-presented by UBC Asian Library and the Department of Asian Studies, Leslie Cheung 張國榮: Hong Kong Icon (1956-2003) commemorates the 20th anniversary of the passing of the legendary Hong Kong actor, singer, […]

New books at the Asian Library (January 2023)

South Asian

BL2017.85 T45 N57 2021
Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib ji : di bani da bhav arthi kaav-steek / by Giani Kewal Singh ‘Nirdosh’ / Ludhiāṇā : Lahaura Bukka Shāpa
DS421 D37 2022
Bikhri sipiyan / by Dr. Sunil Deod…