New Canadian Open Access Legal Citation Guide

There’s a new Canadian legal citation guide, and it’s open access! Launched in June 2024, the COAL-RJAL Guide is for everyone who cites legal materials and it incorporates feedback contributed by reviewers from Canadian courts, law firms, law jour…

Meet Norman L. Kwong (林佐民): A Remarkable Chinese Canadian Icon

Norman L. Kwong’s path to becoming a significant figure in Canadian sports and society as a Chinese Canadian speaks volumes about resilience and breaking barriers. In this week’s blog post, we will explore his remarkable life, including the challenges he faced and the success he achieved. Early Life and Challenges Norman Kwong (far right, front […]

New Books at the Asian Library (May 2024)

South Asian

GR305.5 J48 M87 2021
झारखंड की लोककथाएँ / लेखक व संपादक, डॉ. मयंक मुरारी / दिल्ली : ज्ञान गंगा, 2021
PK2099.37 E33 H56 2021
हिंदी फ़िल्मों के उर्दू गीतकार / लेखक, डॉ. नाज़िम शेख / कानपुर : शुभम् पब्लिकेशंस, पब्लि…

New Persian Journal Database: NoorMags

Launched by the Computer Research Center of Islamic Sciences, NoorMags (Noor Specialized Magazines Website) provides access to over 660,000 articles from over 2,800 humanities and social science journals. In addition to Islamic studies, the database includes articles on literature, language, political science, education, art and architecture, management, library and information studies, and more. Articles are […]

UBC Library awarded Toshiba International Foundation grant

UBC Library has been named as the successful recipient of a Toshiba International Foundation grant to support the conservation and digitization of select Premodern Japanese materials in UBC Asian Library’s collections.

Mining in British Columbia

In this week’s blog post, we’ll take a brief look at the history of coal mining in British Columbia and its impact on the region’s industrial landscape. All the materials featured in this post can be found in our open collections. Please feel free to click the captions underneath the photos attached to this blog […]

2024 UBC Undergraduate Prize in Library Research award ceremony

On May 15, winners of the 2024 UBC Undergraduate Prize in Library Research celebrated their awards with family, faculty, donors and other members of the UBC community.

Exploring Japanese Travel Narratives in Tokugawa Era

This week’s blog post explores the fascinating world of Japanese travel during the Tokugawa period (1603 – 1868), both within Japan and beyond its borders. All materials shown in this blog post are from our Japanese Maps of the Tokugawa Era Collection which is available through Open Collection. 1. Seiyū ryotan (西遊旅譚) [A Diary of […]

New Books at the Asian Library (April 2024)

South Asian

DS753 W893 2023
制度与知识 : 明代官员通晓律意研究 / 吴艳红著 / 北京 : 商务印书馆
DS799.42 W3574 2023
轉化、交織與再創造 : 泰雅族、太魯閣族、賽德克族社會文化變遷 / 王梅霞著 / 臺北市 : 國立臺灣大學出版中心
DS919 H35125 2023
最寒冷的冬天 : 韓戰啟示錄 / 大衛·哈伯斯坦 ; 王祖寧 / 新北市 : 八旗文化
HD8748.5 J536 202…