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Vintage Advertisements from the BC Historical Newspapers Collection: 1899-1950

Looking back at old advertisements can not only be extremely entertaining, but can also provide fascinating insight into commonly accepted knowledge during a given era. Historically, lack of advertising laws or regulations resulted in exaggerated, dishonest and extreme claims being made in attempts to sell products. Advertisers were able to claim almost anything they pleased […]

Recipes from the Punjabi Patrika Archive

Punjabi Patrika is a bilingual Punjabi – English newspaper out of Abbotsford, B.C. Its publication began in October 1996 and continues to be published weekly to this day in 2023. Digitization of the first 18 years of the newspapers physical archive (1996-2014) was recently completed, all of which are now available through UBC’s Open Collections! […]

UBC Library acquires rare Japanese manuscripts and calligraphy works

UBC Library has acquired several rare titles as part of its Japanese Collections, thanks in part to support provided by the David Graham Memorial Fund. Digital copies of two of these titles are now openly accessible to the public through UBC Open Collections. Getting a glimpse of Edo period social history Ikoku jinbutsuzu 異國人物圖 (Illustration […]

Superstition and Witchcraft

Content Warning: Some content within this blog refers to violence against women within the context of witch hunts. Please take care when reading this blog as well as if you search within Open Collections for content related to the topic of witchcraft and superstition as it may contain upsetting, discriminatory sentiments. Do you consider yourself […]

A View of TRIUMF from the UBC Archives Photograph Collection

Canada’s National Laboratory for Particle and Nuclear Physics, otherwise known as TRIUMF, is a research facility on the UBC Vancouver campus. Tucked beside Pacific Spirit Regional Park on the south side of campus, the facility officially opened in 1976. The consortium was founded in 1968 as a collaboration between Simon Fraser University, University of British […]

Paul Spong’s Auditory Whale Research

  One thing about UBC’s Open Collections, is that if you browse long enough you’re bound to find something fascinating that you didn’t know you were looking for. While gathering content for the Digitization Center’s twitter account I came across an image from 1969 of a man leaning down towards a pool, he was playing […]

Vancouver’s Feminist Punk Rockers of the 70’s and 80’s

Content warning: some of the articles use foul language and mention violence against women. Punk music and subculture may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Vancouver’s rich history. While Vancouver is the home of D.O.A., arguably one of the founding bands of the genre, the city’s vibrant and politically […]

Aftermath of 1997 APEC Protest

Warning: this blog post contains images of violence. This is the second part to a two part blog post on the 1997 APEC Economic Leaders Meeting at UBC and the student and activist protest that occurred. If you missed the first part, it can be read here. The protest of the APEC meeting that occurred […]

1997 APEC meeting at UBC

Warning: this blog post contains images of violence. A few weeks ago I wrote about the 1993 presidential summit between Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin at UBC. However, that wasn’t the only time President Clinton visited the campus, as he would return four years later to meet with seventeen other nations leaders in the 1997 […]

A selection of Poems and Poetry from Open Collections

Poetry is a very popular form of literary work that appears frequently in many different places within Open Collections. For this weeks blog post I have search for examples from a handful of publications to share. The genre of poems vary wildly and even within this small sample there are love poems, rhyme poems for […]